Potter’s Bridge

Getting a bit behind here. I’ve been dealing with heightened anxiety and depression this week, as well as having had the Excel training course Monday night through Thursday night, and it left me with less energy for recording events here.

Wednesday morning I decided I wanted to go for a walk somewhere other than my usual stomping grounds, so I drove to a park north of me named Potter’s Bridge. The place turned out to be gorgeous, and I only made it about a mile down the trail due to how many pictures I was taking – especially after I diverted course to walk alongside the river instead of on the trail.

I’ll only be posting a very small selection of what I shot. It definitely did help with that day’s anxiety, though!

2 thoughts on “Potter’s Bridge

    1. Beautiful green spaces are definitely a helpful thing for anxiety! (Science agrees.) It’s not close enough for me to go to, casually, but luckily I do have other green spaces within easy walking distance.


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