First Day of Fall

I woke up this morning anxious about whether or not a spot would open up for the Excel training course. I did not want to have to wait until November or later to be able to proceed with contacting temp / recruitment agencies.

Still, there was nothing I could do but wait to hear from the career center, so I left for my usual morning walk. It’s beginning to look a little bit like fall in the tone of the sky and the vague yellowing of some foliage, but I don’t feel that distinct autumn chill in the air yet.

It had rained this morning, and the clouds were still threatening, so I grabbed my rainbow umbrella out of my car on my way out of the complex. They began clearing as I walked, though, until it was just large, fluffy white clouds in a deep blue sky.

On my way back I spotted a doe and her fawn crossing the trail ahead of me, clambering down the embankment to the creek to drink, and then up the other side to disappear into the trees.

I detoured briefly to look at the pond and watch the fish, then snapped a picture of how gorgeous the sky looked, especially with how clearly it was reflected on the pond this morning.

After getting home, I took my shower and was in the process of toweling my hair when my phone rang. It was the career center, informing me that someone had canceled and did I still want to attend? So now that’s taken care of, and I’m so glad!

5 thoughts on “First Day of Fall

    1. I was so happy to get notified they had room for me after all! Now if I can just get my career adviser to make sure I’m signed up for the Word course in October! (I’ll do online tutorials if I have to, but I really prefer a classroom setting.)

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