Garfield Park Conservatory Grounds

I hadn’t got around to posting about the latter part of Saturday after spending the afternoon with H going through Pogue’s Run. I wanted to stay out as long as possible, but after we got a late lunch, H had to cut the afternoon short due to having the boots he’d worn rubbing his calves a little raw, so after he went home I headed back to Garfield Park, where the conservatory I’d visited a few weeks back is located. At the time it had been raining, and my glasses were fogging over, so I didn’t get much of a chance to walk around and look outside the conservatory.

It was a perfectly gorgeous day for seeing the grounds outside the conservatory, but it turned out I was developing some blisters on my toes (I’d worn my old walking shoes because I didn’t want to risk my new ones down in PR) so other than taking a few pictures, I mostly just chilled out on the grass in the shade of some lovely trees. It did at least help fortify me a little for returning home.

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