Pogue’s Run – Part 2

Part 1

The first thing I noticed about the tunnel was the stench. It’s not as bad as it could be, but it definitely smelled like sewage. I should have expected that, but honestly the thought hadn’t even crossed my mind. At some point, we were able to cross over into a tunnel running parallel to the first one we entered, and it was a little drier and a little less smelly, so that was good.

Speaking of dry, fortunately the water levels were low enough we never had to worry about wading through the creek itself, as there was largely dry passage alongside it in both tunnels – and even where the pavement was wet, it was never more than a very shallow slick of water adding itself to the creek. That was good, because there was at least one drain spilling sewage overflow into the tunnel, as well as a fair amount of garbage that had been washed into the tunnels, and I would not have wanted my shoes getting soaked.

You can tell when you’re reaching the exit, because you start to see a lot more graffiti, and the skill level involved goes up as well. After exiting, H and I found a spot where we could climb up and out of the area and walked back through Indy to return to our cars. It was somewhere around 4 miles round trip, I think – 2 in the tunnels and 2 above.

This was one of the few pieces of graffiti of this skill level found mid-tunnel
The view from the exit

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