Pogue’s Run – Part 1

H and I met up in Indy today and visited Pogue’s Run, a tunnel system underneath the city which a creek runs through. I learned about it through the website Atlas Obscura.

It didn’t look like the safest place to explore alone, and when I’d asked H if he’d be willing to go with me, he already knew about it and said he’d been wanting to check it out himself, so that worked perfectly.

Turns out, he wouldn’t have been willing to go alone, either. Not the concern I had of running into unsavory characters that might be hanging out in the tunnels, but the fact that cell phones don’t get signal inside the tunnels, so if he had an accident and hurt himself, he’d have difficulty getting assistance.

The tunnels are also subject to flash floods, as portions of Indy drain into them, so we had to make sure to go on a day when rain wouldn’t be a risk. Today was sunny, without a chance of rain, and cooler than an average summer day in Indy, which made it perfect for the jaunt.

I’m breaking this post up into two parts so that I’m not overloading this one with photos.

The entrance is underneath this guardrail

Part 2

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