Rainy Day Escape

My husband is working from home Mondays and Fridays now, and with our current issues a four day stretch is a little much for me, so I decided I’d find something to do outside the house today. As it was going to be raining all day, it needed to be indoors, but my initial selection – the Indianapolis Art Museum – turned out to be closed on Mondays. I selected the Garfield Park Conservatory, instead, and didn’t regret the choice.

The Conservatory was small, but lovely, and I took somewhere around 100 pictures in the hour I spent browsing the relatively small space. (I’ll post a few of them in a separate post.)

Afterward I grabbed lunch – H knows the city so well that he was able to tell me three different lunch spots nearby just off the top of his head, apparently. Sadly, my first choice – a Peruvian sandwich shop – was also closed today, but I still liked the more standard sandwich & sub shop I went to instead.

Sadly they played country music so it was a lose-lose situation for me.

After I ate, the headache that had been threatening in the morning was threatening again, so I had to stop by CVS and pick up some ibuprofen. We’d run out of it at the house so I hadn’t been able to bring any with me.

I tried walking in the park in the rain, because I’d brought my umbrella and don’t mind the rain, but my glasses fogged over immediately and I do mind not being able to see.

Instead I visited the tiny library next to Garfield Park. I’d brought my laptop along in case I wanted to kill time there. I listened to music and wrote a little but mostly chatted with H and A, then headed home once I knew I’d be arriving around the same time the kids were coming home from school.

Escape accomplished!

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