Small Things

I went out for a walk this morning, still sleep deprived, in a state of disassociation and fight or flight at the same time, which would have been more interesting to experience if I’d had more focus. I walked to the spot where the railroad crosses the creek and sat and watched the water and chatted with A and H for a bit.

The creek and the greenery around me were soothing. I was just not impaired enough to be able to recognize that I was impaired, though. An effect similar to having become tipsy. Eventually I got up to go home, and realized I did not want to return home. I hadn’t eaten anything yet, though, and hadn’t brought my debit card with me. Since the rational mind was still in overall control I forced myself to start walking back.

I wonder if being adrenalized increases visual acuity and perceptiveness, because I seemed to be noticing even more small details around me than usual. (I do have an eye for detail anyway, but this seemed ramped up.) Anyway, a series of pictures I took while out walking.

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