It’s only 2pm but it feels like an entire day has passed.

We took the kids to see a new therapist, as we were extremely uncomfortable that we could hear another client’s session through the walls at the last office. (I was also uncomfortable with the fact that the last therapist had questioned our impending divorce in the following way: “Oh so you’re doing this to what, get the life you want?” as if I were some kind of callous, selfish asshole.)

We were there until just after 11pm, then headed to Zaxby’s for lunch. They had some questionable decor, to say the least – a phrenology statue, plus a “cute” picture talking about how if you wanted to know what true love was, just lock your dog and your wife in the trunk for one hour and see which one was happy to see you when you opened it. Because obviously if you abuse someone and they still love you that’s “true love.” Fucking misogynistic boomer humor.

After that, we went to Aldi’s to do the grocery shopping since we were already out, and now I am wiped – which is a shame because it is goddamn gorgeous outside, even prettier than yesterday. Will have to wait to get enough energy to head out on a walk, though.

Decided I’d just title this with the date because really, it’s just a basic entry to keep up with the flow of journaling.

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