Nature Preserved, Digitally

I wanted to get out of the house and get a walk, so I drove to a small nature preserve not too far from us. I realize I’m late to the party and also not a great photographer but I did have fun taking pictures while there so I’m going to share some.

The trees in this forest preserve had no sense of personal space.

The one in the middle here (below) looks so uncomfortable.

This next one figured out how to keep some personal space, though. I feel kinship.

I used to see blue jays all the time when I was a child, now I hardly ever see one. I think this feather came from a blue jay, though.

Reminiscent of yesterday’s visit to Cicero cemetery, a real tree stump.

Two things I love seeing – dead trees stretching towards the sky, and sunlight causing the leaves of living trees to glow.

That seems like a fair amount of pictures for one post, I believe I’ll need to break this up into two.

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