Tree Stump Gravestones

I found out about the existence of tree stump gravestones thanks to one of my favorite websites, Atlas Obscura. Last Thursday evening I was driving by a cemetery in Cicero, Indiana and spotted a tree stump gravestone from the road, so I decided I would visit Cicero again and take some photos. It turned out there were actually five tree stump gravestones there, including one that had four little log markers along with it.

2 of the 5 tree stump gravestones are visible in this shot
The gravestone I originally spotted from the road
The tree stump gravestone accompanied by 4 log markers
The log-shaped markers
Number 3
I was lazy and haven’t looked up what this symbol is
Number 4
Number 5 is very modest and short compared to the others

I also found this pump in the cemetery.

Mmmmm, death water!

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