I Had A Great Day

I woke up early enough on Saturday that I was able to be relaxed about getting myself together and getting out the door and on the road. Traffic was light and the drive was a breeze. I managed to get to M’s house with just one minor mishap where I passed the road I needed and had to find a place to turn around.

M and her husband J were very nice people, and I was a little shocked to find out they were older than I am – M is 40 and J is 48. They cooked breakfast food for me which we ended up eating around noon. Bacon, fancy scrambled eggs with spinach, and pecan, blueberry & banana pancakes. It was delicious. M and I talked, and talked, and I swear when I looked up and saw that the clock said 3pm it had only been 5 minutes since it had said 1pm.

M, like H and I, was homeschooled, but she had some severe and traumatizing family dysfunction to have to deal with on top of the religious brainwashing. You’d never guess to interact with her, though. She’s obviously done a lot of work to be a healthy person and rise above what she was put through. She’s kind, smart, and well-read and has 3 fur babies, beautiful long-haired cats, two of which were rescues, and the younger of those two tried begging for (or stealing) my bacon but I’m afraid while I like cats I do not share bacon.

We never got to our shopping trip after all! Since I’d lost track of time I messaged H asking if he minded if we pushed our meet time back by 30 minutes, and he responded that he’d thought we were supposed to meet on Sunday. (When he checked, I had said the correct date, so at least this time it wasn’t my mistake.) He was still able to meet anyway, though, as he’d simply been cleaning his kitchen and didn’t have any other plans.

I made it to downtown Indy with no problems and even found parking pretty quickly. I then proceeded to walk several blocks west before realizing I should have been walking east. I did eventually make my way back and find H, and we spent the afternoon and evening walking around Indy and talking, eventually settling in at a Starbucks with yet more coffee (I’d drunk several mugs worth at M’s already). Apparently there was another time jump, because it was suddenly 8:30pm.

I suggested we get food, so we walked back to our cars and I proceeded to get myself lost after attempting to drive to the restaurant H selected, which was only .5 miles away. Apparently the closer I am to my destination, the more likely it is I will get lost – and I’d forgotten to learn how to use my phone’s GPS before Saturday. I managed to luck out and found the street I’d pulled over on connected directly to the street I needed to be on, so I managed to meet H again. We waited in line for a while, and then he had to wait a little while for his food, so that by the time we’d finished it was 10:45 already.

I was just so damn happy to be socializing in person with friends again. It’s been five years since I’ve been able to socialize with people I feel so comfortable with – and I did feel very comfortable with both M and H once I got past the initial nervousness and anxiety.

I wasn’t even too terribly awkward. I did run into a couple of things because I was looking elsewhere while walking around Indy, and talked to a bird in front of H and didn’t even think twice about that until much later. (I talk to the random wildlife I spot on my walks “oh hi, aren’t you cute!” and shit like that. Because I guess emotionally I’m either a very young child or a very old person that just DGAF.)

At one point I had put my foot down in the wrong spot, right on the very edge of the sidewalk, and felt my ankle teeter under me and had the thought that could have been very bad, but it was fine. It was the same ankle I’d sprained a year ago and I’ve had some anxious thoughts about how badly it would derail my plans if I had to recuperate from a sprained ankle again.

The drive home was even faster than it was coming into Indy, until I ran into construction on the interstate and the fact that they’d closed my exits with a sign that basically said ‘guess you’ve got to find an alternate route 🀷’ so then I got to keep driving until I found an exit that claimed it would bring me to my town. (It did, eventually – fortunately the trip we took Thursday night enabled me to realize where I probably was and find my way to the road I needed.)

And then I finally got home and found out apparently being extremely caffeinated and hyped up because I finally got to hang out and socialize with friends for the first time in five years can cause sleeplessness. Couldn’t even be mad.

This morning I discovered that I do not look like a lobster, (which is amazing because I didn’t apply sunscreen yesterday), my calves were definitely feeling the walking, though, and apparently my bra strap irritated a mole on my back. Overall, though, I still feel pretty fucking great.

And in 3 weeks, I’ll be going to see my sister J and hopefully meeting M in person for the first time, too!

3 thoughts on “I Had A Great Day

  1. “I’m afraid while I like cats I do not share bacon.” πŸ˜ΎπŸ˜„

    “I talk to the random wildlife I spot on my walks β€œoh hi, aren’t you cute!” and shit like that.” Lol I do this too. πŸ§πŸ‘ How do people not?!?

    I’m so so happy you had a good social day! In spite of irritated mole. 😁

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      1. I definitely also spent a good 15 minutes crouched down to pet a random cat yesterday… Received only mildly amused glances from passersby πŸ˜‰

        Liked by 1 person

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