An Assortment of Photos

I’m so proud of myself, and shouldn’t be. I finally figured out how to put an image inside a post and it was so easy it’s pretty clear I should have figured it out months ago. So, um, I guess I’m going to devote this post to sharing some pictures that would have made it into other posts had I not been an incompetent blogger!

If I’ve done this correctly, the photos should link to the posts in question.

The day Cthulu’s face appeared in my shaving cream #blessed
Rainbow Connection Hill

Well I thought I had a post to link to for the dagger picture, but apparently I never finished it and published it. Long story short, I wanted to hem the cuffs of my plaid shirt with grommets and the large scissors and hammer had already been packed, so I subbed in my dagger to poke holes in the cloth, and used a small quarterstaff to sub for the hammer. It worked!

Those metal bits on the sleeves are grommets

No post for the next one, either, just something I spotted while out for a walk earlier this month, before leaving Illinois.

Wood is watching you

Okay I think I’m done for now.

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