I Do Not Love Being A Girl

Went to Target today so my husband and I could shop for a few things we needed. One of the things I needed was a set of basic cosmetics so I can work on learning how to apply make-up properly for interviews / work. I had a basic list of what friends had recommended to start with: tinted moisturizer (the kind that reduces redness), powder foundation, brown mascara, and a 3-color neutral eye shadow, lip color, brushes. Seemed simple enough – and then I actually had to look through the fucking makeup aisles to find all of that.

I couldn’t find any tinted moisturizer, but I did eventually find tinted primer, which means I will probably have to add an extra step, but oh well. There were a dizzying array of different kinds of powders (finishing, bronzing, blush, foundation, etc.), and most eye shadows seemed to contain about a billion colors instead of something small and simple. When I finally found brown mascara, it didn’t have a waterproof variety, so hopefully I can remember not to mess with my eyes.

Eventually I thought I had everything I’d come for, with an inexpensive brand that would work until I gained some confidence and skill. We moved on to our other shopping, and then had lunch, and when I arrived home I realized I’d forgotten lip color. Sigh. That one I actually -am- excited about, because if the makeup works out, I want to wear red lipstick sometimes. I’ve always loved it and I think it would pair well with my new glasses, which are bigger and bolder than my usual choices and would probably work well with a brighter lipstick.

It should be noted I don’t have an issue with makeup in general, for other people. If someone wants to spend an hour making an amazing look, the sort you’d see in a youtube tutorial, great. Just wish I were lucky enough to have the kind of flawless skin that would allow me to just skip most makeup, because for me it’s tedium.

8 thoughts on “I Do Not Love Being A Girl

  1. I’m guessing you already bought the eyeshadow.

    Do you have blue eyes? Is that why you bought a brown mascara?

    Honestly, if you’re a beginner, I would say skip the eyeshadow until you get the practice of the rest of your face down. Eyeshadow is… tricky, tricky, tricky… and since it’s not necessary and more of an additive, when you’re practicing you might have a better time if you wait for the eyeshadow.

    But please, doooo ignore me if you really want eyeshadow. Honestly, when you master a good makeup routine, it should take ten minutes or less in the morning. I think you can do it!

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      1. Yeah, okay that makes sense. Green and Blue eyes are usually where people recommend brown mascara. Green is just a little less common so I presumed that they were blue! I bet brown mascara looks amazing on you.

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      1. It will absolutely do that. Just, if you’re feeling overwhelmed at all with the whole process of practicing makeup, eyeshadow is the hardest part to learn, that’s all I was trying to mention with that. I’m sorry! I hope it didn’t come across as bossy.

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      2. It didn’t come across as bossy! I think I may very well skip it in exchange for mascara/liner only, shadow made my eyes look… weird, it was unsettling to me.


  2. I never learned much about makeup but I do spend about 5-10 minutes on my face everyday. Mostly it’s using concealer and foundation because I have really uneven skin tone and hereditary dark circles. But I have learned that I like a neutral shadow and liner and that’s about it.
    IMHO, primer does absolutely nothing, regardless of how cheap or expensive it is. And no lipstick or gloss has ever stayed on my lips longer than 5 minutes. Ever.
    Play around, though and try to have fun with it!

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