Dreams: The Good Place, Chris Pratt, and an Abandoned Baby

I had two dreams last night, both of which I can remember some of. (Potential spoilers for The Good Place if you have not yet got around to watching that excellent show.)

In the first, I was Eleanor, trying to save Chidi from Michael and the denizens of the Bad Place, but there were a bunch of portals everywhere, and the one I selected brought me into what seemed to be some kind of underwater world. We could breathe somehow, but movement was rather difficult. Chris Pratt was there with us – he worked for the Bad Place, and somehow when we went through the portal it sucked him into the watery place with us. The watery place in question turned out to be Pratt’s aquarium, which he realized when he looked through the glass, and recognized the magnets on the fridge. Apparently we’d all been shrunk to the size of fish.

Noteworthy in this dream is that I have hardly ever been a specific person or character from any kind of entertainment, be it TV, movies or books.

In the second, I was using mass transit that seemed to function rather like a passenger train but which was instead a giant semi truck. When we arrived at the final stop, I got out, and discovered someone’s baby had been left behind. I didn’t want the baby to be hurt, so I took it with me to visit H. I proceeded to ask if the baby and I could use H’s shower, then said ‘oh, it’s not my baby’ and then a heartbeat later ‘don’t worry, it’s not your baby, either!’ and woke up dying because apparently I am just as capable of highly awkward exchanges in my dreams as I am in real life. I love that dream me felt the need to assure H that the random baby I found wasn’t his! 😂

I also note and appreciate, though, that while I may not have been sensible about simply taking an abandoned child with me instead of to the proper authorities, at least my instinct was to help and protect the child! It gives me the sense I might be a nice person even on a subconscious level.

Also, the more nights in which I dream and remember my dreams, the more it reassures me that my sleep is improving and heading in the direction of normal (for me, I’m sure none of this is necessarily normal for most people).

One thought on “Dreams: The Good Place, Chris Pratt, and an Abandoned Baby

  1. I used to have a recurring dream where I found an abandoned baby and took it home to care for it. Finally I figured out what it meant. I’m nobody’s baby and I have to take care of myself. Now I don’t have that dream anymore.


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