It’s Leonard Nimoy’s Fault…

…that I have resting bitch face.

So, my friend H and I were talking about medieval weaponry and combat – I promise this does eventually lead to Leonard Nimoy and resting bitch face – anyway, he knows more about the subject than I do, as my interest was, ahem, largely inspired and influenced by all the fantasy I consumed as a child and did not involve any practical study or education on the subject.

During the course of the conversation H mentioned that the samurai’s katana was actually a back-up weapon, and that the real specialty of samurai had been mounted archery. Personally, I think mounted archery sounds really fucking cool, and like it would be harder to master than sword fighting, so it’s a little strange to me that the katana overshadowed the mounted archery in the public imagination.

But I supposed that it was generally easier and less expensive for someone to obtain a sword if they wanted to indulge in a hobby involving archaic combat. Apparently the overlap between people that want to practice archery, and people that own or have access to horses and would want to try mounted archery, is very small. There aren’t many people left that take it up as a hobby.

I quipped that if Katniss had rode a horse in Hunger Games, we might see more mounted archery. H agreed – LotR and the Hunger Games are what inspired a resurgent interest in archery in recent years. I can’t knock that, though – my own youthful desire to learn riding, archery and sword-fighting was entirely due to all the fantasy literature and cinema I consumed. (That rapier of Inigo’s is gorgeous, and I want one still, thanks.)

I then went on to say that being inspired by fantasy led to hobbies that were a lot less useful than being inspired to go into engineering because of Star Trek.

And then I remembered. Star Trek had definitely inspired me as a child. It inspired me to stand in front of a mirror, pulling one eyebrow down and holding it there while attempting to wiggle the other to higher elevation so that I, too, could look like Leonard Nimoy’s Spock.

Little AJ had a dream, and she succeeded. I can raise one skeptical, scornful eyebrow. However, that particular eyebrow is now permanently higher than the other, which means when my face is at rest, I have a faintly mocking expression, as if whatever I’m looking at is a source of private amusement. It’s especially obvious because I wear glasses, which highlight the difference in brow height.

So there you have it. It’s Leonard Nimoy’s fault that I have resting bitch face.

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