Trees: the Superior Source of Wood

Last night I dreamed and was able to remember the dreams again. I’ve missed dreaming. I love the level of detail my brain produces.

Last night a portion of one of my dreams took place in a neighborhood with a jumble of architectural styles, but all of the houses were overshadowed – literally – by enormous trees. Their huge, bare limbs arched over the houses (some of which were at least three stories tall) and crossed above the street. I couldn’t tell if they were all dead trees, or merely a type that is late to grow leaves in the spring. I could see a pale blue sky with wisps of white clouds between the limbs.

As I was looking up in awe, I noticed that a limb that had broken was carved into a dragon’s head, which had nothing to do with the overall dream but sure looked neat.

I rather wish I had the energy to get back into art and explore working with a medium that would allow me to bring some of these visuals into the waking world.

The rest of the dream involved my husband and a crush both being useless, frustrating nerds discussing the finer points of firefighting with two firefighters, while one of my sons was needing to be rescued from said fire, and I ended up having to rescue him myself.

My subconscious clearly believes trees are superior to men.

I mean, it’s not wrong.

I’d say ‘no offense’ to any male reader that happens upon this but given how much my country is trying to remake itself in Gilead’s image right now, I think I’m justified in being grumpy and proclaiming trees superior to men.

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