Dream Journal: Vampires and a Home Invasion by Humans

Proof I achieved REM sleep for a short time last night – I had a dream and remember it.

My husband and I were vampires, with a baby vampire – the procreated kind, not the kind you get by turning a regular human baby into a vampire; the latter always seemed like a stupid choice for a vampire to make. Something potentially apocalyptic was happening out in the world and vampires had decided we should put ourselves to sleep for a while and hope there was something to wake up to.

Just as I was nodding off, humans showed up outside our house and I found myself fighting off a home invasion. As the first human was forcing his way in via the patio door, I was loudly yelling my husband’s name and it took him forever to wake up and join me, so I was very annoyed with him. I wasn’t the strong, fighty sort of vampire, or a shape-shifting vampire, but I did have the power to issue commands and be obeyed, briefly.

The humans were pouring into the house now, and I started telling them things like ‘run away’ and attempting to herd them out our front door. Run away isn’t the most useful command in the world when they scatter in several directions, but I was stressed out and it was the first thing that came to mind. They didn’t seem interested in hurting me, just invading my house, but how was I supposed to sleep with a bunch of humans roaming around my house messing with my stuff?

Apparently my brain decided home invasion by humans was enough stress for the time being, and all the humans calmed down and stopped being a problem, and then I discovered an adorable stray puppy that needed a place to stay and so I let it stay on my enclosed patio, where my cat also lived. (It was a dream cat that belonged to my dream vampire self, because I don’t have a cat in real life. I don’t have a dog, either. Four children are enough small creatures to have running around a 3 bedroom apartment.)

Nothing else of note happened before I woke up.

Addendum: I was coming up with tags for this post and I think ‘vampire apocalypse puppy’ sounds like it could be a good band name.

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