I’m Giving Myself a New Title

I’m proclaiming myself Queen of the Night and declaring the local park my territory after about 10pm. No one will be around to contest my claim, except perhaps Nature, and so far she’s been content simply to soak my socks & shoes and give me the occasional jump scare, when one of those lurking night birds flies up practically under my feet, while shrieking warning of my arrival into the night. Thanks, bird, my adrenal system needs regular practice, I’m sure.

This afternoon’s rain must have been an impressive deluge, because the river flooded again, and cut off more of my regular path through the park then before. I ended up walking through the fields instead for a time. At one point I saw some creature moving a few yards away and stopped to squint at it until I could make out what it was – and then moved on rapidly as soon as I saw the fluffy tail and realized it was a skunk.

On the far side of the park I stopped near the bridge where a creek drains into the lake, and saw something in the water. At first I thought it was some kind of animal swimming, but then realized it was flotsam drifting in large, sluggish circles because of the current. There wasn’t enough light for me to be able to see if it was vegetation, trash or a carcass – which is maddening, because whatever it was, it was large, and I hate to have my curiosity left unsatisfied.

On my way back I took the path through the woods – which aren’t really woods, of course, just a trail with a strip of trees and overgrown undergrowth on either side. It’s especially dark compared to the surrounding area, though, and makes my brain go to a primal place that expects danger around every twist in the path. I didn’t think it was the sort of night when spiders would want to have their webs out, but I held my closed umbrella up in front of my face anyway, just in case. I should bring the umbrella with me even if there’s not a chance it will rain. I could probably fend off a trash panda or angry canadian goose with it, if need be.

Speaking of canadian geese, I’ve entertained myself by deciding that the explanation for Canada’s reputation as being kinder, calmer and more apologetic than the average nation is because they collectively threw their tempers into canadian geese. You know, kind of like Jesus throwing demons into a herd of swine, or Elijah throwing his insecurities about male-pattern baldness into child-devouring bears.

(I still can’t believe my parents just… let me read the Bible, uncensored, as soon as I could read well enough – my mom got mad at my cousin for letting me watch The Goonies when I was 12, but let me read about Lot’s daughters getting him drunk so they could use incest to repopulate, and concubines being raped to death and then cut into pieces, when I was a mere 8 years old.)

Digressions aside, it was a lovely walk and I think it helps me sleep better to take a long walk before going to sleep. I would still love to wake up one morning and actually feel rested, though. I’m afraid it’s looking like the only way I’ll be able to do that is to go to bed earlier, and sleep by myself, though. I’ll probably wait until we’ve moved into our new place in two months before I make that switch. In spite of the fact that he continues to ruin my sleep I expect I’m still going to miss having my husband sleep next to me – at least until that hoped-for morning when I wake up feeling rested!

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