If You Haven’t Read John Scalzi, You Should Start

John Scalzi is one of my favorite authors. I haven’t read The Android’s Dream* yet but can definitely recommend Fuzzy Nation and Agent to the Stars if you haven’t read them, yet.

Fuzzy Nation was actually the first book of Scalzi’s that I read. I was browsing my library’s little used bookstore and thought the title, cover and name all seemed oddly familiar.

It turns out I’d read some of the original Fuzzy novels when I was a teenager and raiding my aunts’ hoard of books for something interesting to read.

The name John Scalzi I remembered from the conservative blog community I’d been part of. VD used to write scathing posts about things a man named John Scalzi had written, and it seemed extremely likely that this was the exact same man.

“If VD didn’t like him, I bet I will,” I thought to myself, and purchased the used paperback.

That’s two things I can thank VD for – helping push me away from Christianity and introducing me to John Scalzi’s writing, both things that have made my life substantially more enjoyable!

*I’m pacing myself – I can read Scalzi’s books faster than he can write them, after all!

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