Musical Interlude: Mermaid

I finally got around to joining Spotify last year one night when youtube went down and left me deprived of my playlists there. Their algorithms have been getting better about suggesting music I might like, which is how I found my way to the Swedish musician Skott. Her song ‘Mermaid’ could be mistaken at first listen for a gentle ethereal love song, but as you hear the lyrics unfold you begin to get the impression of something darker and more sinister. I don’t think that’s a mermaid caught on the rocks – I think it’s a siren.

The video made for the song is a gorgeous bit of cinematic storytelling, confirming the darker and more sinister nature of the song in the color palette and the way the scenes are shot and unfold, subtly building towards the finish. I’m convinced after watching it that Skott is a member of the unseelie court.

Like the oceans dancing with a storm, I will dance with you
While my waves enclose you ’til you’re warm, like the water’s glue

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