Writing With Fizzle: Tyrion

(GoT – Spoilers)

Peter Dinklage did such a good job portraying Tyrion Lannister. It’s practically criminal what they reduced the character to in the final season.

We go from the bitter, cynical, jaded man that slaps teenage Joffrey and later murders his father, Tywin Lannister, as Tywin is taking a shit, Tyrion, one of the cleverest people in Westeros, whose catchphrase is that he drinks and he knows things to…

… how the hell do I even describe Tyrion of season 8? Shall I call him Jon Snow 2.0? Jon Snow 2.0, you know nothing? Tyrion is, apparently, reduced to the audience avatar, just there to wander around at the end looking dazed at the destruction.

Everything about his actions in season 8 felt forced and silly. Peter Dinklage himself talked about the scene with the crypts and made a crack about how apparently Tyrion is smart, just not THAT smart.

It feels inexplicable that Tyrion would free Jamie to go be with Cersei, knowing there’s a good chance Jamie won’t succeed and that he’ll die. Besides, Tyrion hated Cersei, and hated the influence she had over Jamie. He wasn’t going to help bring the incest twins together for a true love farewell or a chance at a happy life together.

I mean, there is nothing that has happened in Tyrion’s life to suggest his character would become softer and more caring. Tyrion gave in to his darkest side prior to leaving Westeros. Killed the woman that he loved with his bare hands after discovering she betrayed him. Killed his father. Allied with Dany, who was hardly a warm, maternal, counselor Troi type that could help ease Tyrion through the trauma of grief and being, well, murdery.

One could try and argue that he frees Jamie so Jamie can get Cersei to agree to ring the bells, but there’s no reason to think Jamie could succeed at that. Jamie couldn’t even fucking convince Cersei to actually help fight the undead when she’d literally been presented with one of the undead as evidence.

And prior to that, the best Tyrion can do is try to appeal to Cersei’s humanity – after he already tried that and had it fail? That’s all he can think of to try and avert carnage? I mean if he’s that desperate to prevent carnage, that would seem to reveal that he believes Dany WILL murder everyone in King’s Landing to get to the throne, and… wouldn’t that make him willing to listen to Varys instead of getting Varys killed?

NONE OF IT MAKES SENSE. NONE OF IT IS CONSISTENT. At some point I’m going to have to watch the earlier seasons of the show just so I can see the Tyrion that was, instead of the one reduced to rubble, wandering through rubble.

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