Tiny Points of Contact

I’m adjusting to how much fancier (and easier) blogging is now than it was in 2005. I never really knew what kind of traffic my blog generated back then. I never really needed to. Then, as now, it was simply a way for me to express myself and seek contact with the outside world.

I have to say I love that I can see where visitors to my blog are from. I taught myself very basic world geography a few years back (something sorely neglected in my homeschool education) and learned the (English) names of all 196 recognized countries, and their general location. It is so much fun to see different countries showing up in the tracker. The USA and India are my most common source of visitors. I’ve seen Canada, the UK, Australia, Russia, Sweden, Romania, Nepal, Kenya and the Philippines. I nearly squealed the day I saw Vanuatu appear. Thanks to my efforts of a few years ago, I actually know that’s an island nation somewhere north of Australia and east of Indonesia.

I don’t have the funds for world travel now, and maybe I never will, but I love that the internet exists and that I can have these tiny points of contact from all over the globe.

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