A Perfect Spring Day

If you happened to be out and about in the Chicago suburbs today, and saw a sun-burnt, plaid-clad relic of the 90s sniffing flowers, that was probably me, hi. I say probably, because it is a metro area of 9 million people and there could easily be other souls matching that description nearby.

Magic could not have conjured a more perfect Spring day. It’s sunny, with a bright blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds. The temperature is around 70, which is not too cool and not too warm. The humidity is low.

The amount of new foliage has increased, and there are more trees in bloom. There are still plenty of dandelions and violets, my favorite spring flowers. The park smelled of freshly cut grass. The flooding has subsided and the mud has dried up.

Birds are everywhere, including the omni-present geese. This time, there were 3 or 4 sets of goslings, arrayed on both sides of the path. A jogger was approaching from the other direction, and he and I shared a laugh over our alarm when the geese set up a hissing gauntlet to warn us away.

I spent 25 years in Florida missing a proper spring season, and when I moved to Illinois, found myself in the throes of depression every spring, preventing me from being able to enjoy the season I’d missed for so long. I’m incredibly grateful that this spring, I’m not being carried along in a river of despair.

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