On The Move

I spent the first 8 years of my life in Nebraska, and the next 25 in Florida, and then 5 in Illinois. This summer we’re moving on to a new state – Indiana. It’s not an exciting option, by any means, but at least it’s not Florida or Texas.

Texas was a real possibility there for a few weeks, and I was utterly dismayed by that possibility. I hated Florida’s climate the whole time I lived there. I never adjusted to it and I hated the idea of returning to any similar climate. I also don’t like that Texas is basically the US symbol for conservative masculinity and full of Republican wannabe urban cowboys. Plus, there are cockroaches, which are one of the few creatures that fill me with visceral dread, much like crocodiles, but at least crocodiles won’t show up inside my home.

Speaking of Republican wannabe cowboys and cockroaches – thank god Ted Cruz won’t be my senator.

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