I’m getting addicted to Letter Quest – a solo scrabble game on the PS4. I think it’s giving my brain happy chemicals, which is nice because I definitely don’t get those as much as I need them. My mood was so positive after playing this morning that I made a plan to have an early lunch and then take my laptop to the park.

For lunch I made a bagel, egg & cheese sandwich and then washed up the dishes I’d cooked with. That seems like such a tiny, inconsequential thing but just making myself proper food and cleaning up after myself aren’t always things I accomplish. Add in making even a simple plan and carrying through with it because I’m in a good mood and I’ve got something truly rare.

It’s a beautiful day. There’s some wispy cloud cover but not where the sun is currently positioned. Trees are starting to bloom and leaf out and the grass is a vibrant green. There are geese, ducks, robins, redwing blackbirds and something I think may be loons. One of the robins is sitting in a tiny tree nearby and appears to be keeping an eye on me. There are several people running or jogging circuits around the lake and every now and then a train goes by.

It’s all very pretty and distracting and it’s making it hard for me to focus on continuing my rough draft, but I find I don’t mind that too much. I’m listening to 80s music on my headphones and enjoying how pretty everything is. When my brain has a day like this I feel a little bit of hope that someday I’ll get my life to a place where days like this aren’t rare.

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