Religious Indoctrination 7/20

I had a logical mind. I had doubts. I had questions. What I did not have was the necessary data. My beliefs were rational to me based on what I knew.

It’s just that so much of what I knew was so wrong.

My foray into conservative Christian blogging introduced me to new thoughts and new arguments and new concepts, even if they were being argued against. I learned the terms Occam’s Razor and ‘preponderance of evidence.’ This made what I had been taught about evolution and creation one of the first serious tenets of my conservative Christian beliefs to come under attack and ultimately fall.

I’d been told that evolution was a lie spread by people that hated God. I learned, however, that there were Christians that believed in evolution. The scientists that had contributed to the body of evidence supporting evolution came from all over the world, from all kinds of belief systems, including Christians. They often arrived at similar conclusions working separately.

Either I had to believe all of these scientists from around the globe and many different eras all conspired to craft the same lie to undermine belief in God, or I could apply Occam’s Razor to the question: the simplest explanation that fit the facts was most likely true, and the simplest explanation that fit the facts was that the scientists in question were simply sharing the evidence they uncovered in their research and experiments.

It wasn’t enough to undo my faith by any means. The Garden of Eden could still have happened once humans reached the necessary state of sentience. I could still point to humanity’s evil actions as proof salvation was needed. Still, this was the first truly major crack to appear in the foundation conservative evangelical Christianity had laid.

Part 8

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